Assessment Session

Know your advantages and disadvantages

During this session we will diagnose the problem and access your goals and make actionable suggestions for improvement.  You will have a full summary with a list of three personalized next steps.

Cultural Matrix

Diversity in the Workplace

This will be an intensive full-day or two-day work session with you and/or your team to train you in key areas of cultural competence.  The session will be tailored to the specifics of your situation and culture(s) you are dealing with.  This is for those who are just starting a project that will involve international elements.

360 Leadership

Become a Global Leader

In this long term (3 to 6 month long) one-on-one engagement, you’ll meet with Dr. Stuart on a bi-weekly basis to learn crucial cross-cultural skills and deal with a current situation.  This is for a frustrated manager who is dealing with an immediate problem that needs resolution.