Ukraine Protests: where do they find the time?

As far as demonstrations on Independence Square, I’d like to ask a question here, “Who in their sane mind has the time to spend weeks that turn into months demonstrating? Don’t these people have jobs? Do their bosses give them paid vacation to do that? How can they economically afford doing what they are doing?” You know you can burn rubber and cook food on open fire for only some time and then you need to go back to your job, assuming you have it. So, I went ahead and asked this question of everybody I talk to in Ukraine.

Here is one answer, “The joke in Ukraine is that only high school students, alcoholics, unemployed bums and retirees can afford this ‘luxurious’ life of doing nothing. Normal people get up and go to their respective jobs. ‘Cause they need to feed their families.”The other answer is, “Don’t you know that this is a conspiracy and certain forces and companies pay these people money to stand on the square and cause this kind of mischief. They are paid $100 a day, and (a whole new version of pay-per-performance) $400 for “extra effort” (that being violence?).”  Keep in mind, the average salary in Ukraine is $300-$500 a month—I am not sure how accurate these numbers (or information) is, but it should tell you something that this is part of every day conversation between regular Ukrainians.

I, personally think that there is one more reason for these demonstrations: No matter whether people stand on Independence Square or not, they are not happy neither with pro-western nor with pro-eastern forces. Sadly, both do have something in common: extreme corruption. It is the major defining reason that pushed people over the edge. More about it in the next post.



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