Ukraine: Is Somebody “Dividing and Conquering”?

I talk to my relatives from the Eastern Ukraine (I went to school where the major battle is right now) and they say that once the war starts, it is difficult to understand ANYTHING in that murky water. Who shoots, who provokes, who is fair, who is just, who is using it to his own advantage…Having been in the middle of the civil war myself, I can testify to that. Again, Russians are indistinguishable from Ukrainians: all of us speak and understand each other 100% It is an artificial, politically prompted friction. My Russian relatives yell at me, saying that it is us, Americans, who started it. I yell back saying, that they should not stick their noses into an independent country. They yell back, saying that Americans should not stick their noses into another continent….then we get tired of yelling and just talk….about the weather and growing tomatoes.

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