Dr. Taira Stuart

CEO and Founder


Dr. Taira Stuart is an experienced globalization expert with a 19+ years of proven results in facilitating international projects for agencies such as NASA, U.S. Congress, U.S. Air Force, Department of Defense as well as aerospace giants like Lockheed Martin, Ball Aerospace, and Orbital Science.

Dr. Taira Stuart’s international expertise began by receiving education from premier universities in Russia, Germany, Switzerland, and the U.S.  Through her work as an international relations advisor with the largest multinational R&D programs in the world she was able to:

  • facilitate a turn-around of a $500+ million project by helping to ecure presidential approvals and organizing congressional hearings.
  • mediate negotiation of international contracts.
  • co-develop program documentation that would subsequently be used by the International Space Station.
  • assist in taking a yearly budget from $1 million to $50+ million in less than 5 years.

As a cultural expert Dr. Stuart worked with various international agencies such as the Canadian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Norwegian Embassy in the United States, The Russian Federation, Ukrainian and Tajik Governments.

While applying her international expertise practically, Dr. Stuart was simultaneously developing a system for turning companies into global players through her research and work as a professor at Utah State University and fellow at MIT.


Madena Koybaeva

Project Manager

Madena’s multicultural background and residence in three different countries was the beginning for her intercultural communication expertise.  She has theoretical academic understanding in cultural competency as well as practical experience.

Years of sales experience at HSBC and Wachovia were instrumental in becoming a bridge between the strict, complicated processes and foreign-born customers.  Madena’s sales expertise lead her to become a Sales Coach covering 3 states within 1.5 years of being with the company.  She oversaw and trained her sales team to become the top retention office in the company.  She has a strong marketing  background and created numerous presentations for both training and sales purposes.  Her passion lies in being a bridge between foreign-born and institutions with difficult processes.


Marking and Booking Specialist

Joshua Timothy

Marketing and Booking Specialist


Joshua Timothy specializes in cultural intelligence, communication and “getting things done”.  He graduated from Utah State with a Bachelor’s degree in Global Communication, and has practically applied it by working with people from over 15 different countries in negotiations, communications, and in social relations for over 3 years.  While living in Peru for 2 years, he not only acquired fluency in Spanish, but learned how to effectively communicate ideas and negotiate in a foreign culture.

Joshua grew up in Utah and is vitally interested in serving his community, such as bringing public awareness and increasing volunteering effort for the organization Cache Refugee & Immigrant Connection with his marketing and social media strategy and community outreach. If Joshua knows anything well, it is how to see solutions where others only see problems.