Don’t just deal with diversity,
capitalize on it

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Globalization and Education
Making your message Global-compatable
If you are in the knowledge industry, what is your competitive advantage in the global market?
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Women and Globalization
Advantages of feeling and thinking like a woman
No longer a disadvantage to overcome, but an advantage to capitalize on in a new globalizing “flat world" if you just know how!
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Global leaders
Becoming Global-Ready
Globalization means new and future diversity, equity and inclusion challenges. Instead of just "dealing" with diversity, make it work for you and your organization by creating cultural synergy.
For your next event
Globalization and inclusion are buzzwords that Dr. Stuart demystifies in a dynamic, humorous and approachable way. Through her keynotes and workshops she helps audiences understand how to leverage their "different" to their immediate and concrete benefit.
For your organization
Diversity and inclusion have been regarded as "necessities" that companies must fulfill. There is a lot of friction that comes from having a diverse workforce. Leveraging it to create cultural synergy is the way to capitalize on diversity, rather than "manage it."
For Global Leaders
Managing an increasingly diverse workforce is a formidable challenge. You don't have to do it alone. We can Analyze and provide solutions, or better yet, give you the tools capable of dealing with the most complex problems brought on by globalization.

Why Dr. Taira Stuart?

After 19+ years of successful experience in male dominated industries and as a cultural expert Dr. Stuart understands what it takes to capitalize on what makes you "different". She is the "cultural doctor" who can help you understand how to turn your "different" into an advantage.

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Different is IN
Capitalize on your "different"
Everyone hears that being "unique" is great, however, in practice, understanding how to leverage your "different" is ultimately what makes you win in this life.
For Women
The advantage of being a woman
In this new world of information overload, linear thinking is no longer effective. The way women think AND feel is becoming an advantage if you know how to capitalize on it.
Cultural Matrix
Know your own culture
Learn how to take advantage of your cultural "paradigm DNA" by understanding it.
Diversity brings Innovation
When we invite more voices to the table, we create a healthier more vibrant "gene pool" of paradigms.


"There is a wide cultural and linguistic gap between our two countries, and with grace, intelligence and understanding Dr. Taira was able to bridge that gap."
"Dr. Taira is a wealth of global knowledge.  Her depth of understanding and appreciation of our global economy is unparalleled.  Infused with heart, humor and fashion, Dr. Taira, sheds light in the area of globalization."
"Dr. Taira has, through her unique blend of linguistic skill, cultural insight and political acumen, helped… to build a bridge of trust, understanding and friendship."
"She reads the ‘psychological’ atmosphere of the discussion and helps to remove misunderstanding and create an atmosphere of goodwill."
"Her presentation should be heard by all HR professionals!"
"Dr. Taira's excellent linguistic skills and cultural and technical knowledge, along with her professional efficiency and ability to work under stressing circumstances, contributed significantly to the success of this historic conference (Space-Based Surveillance Conference sponsored by the Ballistic Missile Defense Organization)."
"I would like to highly commend Dr. Taira for her efficient and dedicated work in facilitating US-Russian exchanges for the Committee on National Security that I chair in the U.S. House of Representatives. Her ability to grasp the most essential and crucial components of sensitive exchanges with regard to a number of important defense issues, as well as her skills in communicating them are superb."
"Very engaging!  Loved the presentation.  Was very effective in being open about sensitive topics for 'Americans.' This session was incredible.  The presenter was engaging and entertaining on a subject that can be very challenging.  Everyone was still talking about the presentation as they left the room."
"Gave valuable, never-before-heard information in a funny charming way."